What Utilities Want Fleets to Know About Moving to Electric Vehicles

When:  Sep 27, 2023 from 02:00 PM to 03:00 PM (ET)

I'll be helping the audience understand what to consider, from the utility perspective, when electrifying a fleet. I can help the audience understand what information the utility can offer and good questions to ask when starting the electrification journey. The attendees should take away a good list of questions to ask their utility, possible information and help a utility can offer and how to be prepared to engage with the utility when they are ready to move to electric vehicles. After the presentation the audience will be well versed in the utility's perspective on electric vehicles and the important role the utility has when business want to electrify their fleet. I will also discuss why it is important to bring the utility into the planning process as early as possible.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Why talk to the utility early
  2. What questions to ask the utility to be most prepared
  3. What information to be prepared to provide to the utility
  4. What information can the utility provide to a business when thinking about electrifying
  5. Utility things to consider when electrifying (cost, billing, charging off peak, interconnection agreements, energy efficiency, etc)


Jennifer Deaton, MBA
Manager Corporate Strategy and Electrification
Oncor Electric Delivery

Jennifer Deaton is the Manager of Corporate Strategy and Electrification at Oncor Electric Delivery. Jennifer is focused on understanding how fleets transitioning to electric vehicles will impact the infrastructure that Oncor maintains. Jennifer is also working to educate customers on why it’s important to talk to your utility early and often when starting an electrification journey.

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