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    Thought many of you would find this academic paper, It is Time to Address Airborne Transmission of COVID-19 , of some interest as we move back to reopening schools.  There is a general thought that there is a need to increase overall ACH in buildings.   ...

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    An update for those interested,  Citing FIU bridge collapse, feds propose 10-year debarment for FIGG ------------------------------ Tim Austin, PE, F.NSPE Chair, NSPE Committee on Policy and Advocacy NSPE Past President, 2015-16 Kaw Valley Engineering, ...

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    Mark, Well stated, I must concur with your thoughts! ------------------------------ David D. Dexter, P.E., F.ASPE, F.NSPE Sr, Engineer 3D Engineering Consultants, LLC Tipp City, Ohio 937 609-5969 ------------------------------

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    Greeting to all professional Engineers here in NSPE Community! I am Marie Christianne Lopez taking BS Mechanical Engineering, currently 2nd year college, during pandemic I manage to enroll and looking forward to involve in mentor-mentee program. By this, ...

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