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    Bart, Thanks for your reply. I looked into the North Carolina Rules and Regulations On the Practice of Professional Engineering. Here is what it states: B. DEFINING THE PRACTICE OF PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERING The Act defines the "practice of engineering" ...

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    Joe .. " The practice of engineering means performing engineering services for compensation by a client." I understand how we all have personal definitions. I'm not advocating mine. What matters is how the law defines it in the jurisdiction. From working ...

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    Mr. Gilboe, Thank you for your response.  In my previous post I pointed out an error of fact when you wrote, " if the ET institutions feel it is needed for the graduates to become licensed the path is very simple: obtain ABET accreditation".  I responded ...

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    You have Idaho. That is a good starting place for foreign engineers.  What is the main issue with your TN application? ------------------------------ David Cotton PE, PEng, MIET, CEng Redding CA (719)434-0700 ------------------------------

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