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    Luther, I enjoy your comments. Regarding the quote 'Knowing history keeps from repeating it,' the counter quote 'we learn from history that we don't learn from history' I think is funny but disheartening as well. A quick Google search says this quote ...

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    Looing again at your message. What STATES are doing... in California CalCCA might have something... https://cal-cca.org/ Ken

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    lots of NGOs deal peripherally with this. I only found this dealing more directly with it. https://gsas.harvard.edu/news/engineering-solution-climate-change You COULD try Science for the people, an organization that went dark, but is coming ...

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    There is a lot that states and local government agencies can do mitigate the impacts of climate change. To mention few: Update their outdate regulations, standard and procedure to reflect that status we are in now Improve their database and asset ...

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