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    This question cannot be answered without reading the contract that the company was working under. There are a lot of references to the AIA documents etc. If you are looking for the legal precedence to determine if the contractor owes the money you need ...

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    To add my comment. The human face of grade crossing collisions. I may be the only one here who actually was in a train "head end" that struck a stalled vehicle at a grade crossing. It was in June 1980, a dreary Sunday afternoon in rural Indiana, on ...

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    Kenneth, City Council??? Good luck!?? Reno had a lot of work there with a split group, but finally got the job done. One argument I do remember with the Council was that the waits to cross could delay the response of the Fire Department.?? There were ...

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    Thanks for sending it. I will look it over, and may forward into to city council. Stay well, Ken

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