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    Neil, It seems we are after the same thing.?? That Co-Op education was a high point in my learning to be an engineer.?? A "Work Section" on the "Bull Gang" loading and unloading freight cars and tractor trailers was quite practical.?? I learned well ...

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    I agree. Experience is the difference that makes the difference. ------------------------------ Eugene Kielmanowicz PE Senior Electrical Engineer AECOM Inc. Glendale NY (718)637-1787 ------------------------------

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    Lin, I do not advocate crediting the 2 year AS degree with any more than it is. Rather I am trying to show the overriding importance of experience. Education is important, but only a part of the issue. I have an acquaintance, ...

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    Please Neil, Do not fall for the "Puffery" of the Two Year schools.?? For many years,finishing a program in one of those gave the student a "Certificate."?? Not a Degree.?? To me, it still takes 4 years to get a degree.?? The Puffery seems only an ...

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