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    Definitely want to be included when your results are published. Thanks! ------------------------------ David Brown PE Allgeier, Martin and Associates, Inc Joplin MO (417)680-7237 ------------------------------

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    These two programs are great for VERY small companies, but might be enough for you. Timesheet at timesheet.io and quickbooks.intuit.com/time-tracking. These started primarily as Android/iOS apps. I am finding timesheet.io to work great for me, but ...

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    Outstanding! Thank you so much, Dr. Pierrakos! Results coming soon. ------------------------------ Kyle Payne Bellevue University Chicago IL (402)936-8710 ------------------------------

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    PPM Express Clockify TrackingTime Are the 3 small biz time tracking systems I used. ------------------------------ Scott Wertel, PE Aerospace Research and Development Group, LLC Mesa, AZ United States ------------------------------

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