Dr. Thomas Smailus, PE, PhD

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Thomas' work includes application development and software research, as well as mobile robotics research. Thomas currently works at Boeing in the Boeing Research & Technology division in the areas of graphics mining to extract understanding from diagrams in the Intelligent Graphics (IG) field, SVG and CGM technical diagrams, compute process automation, autonomous systems and robotics, as well as application development for advanced aircraft software systems. He is a member of IEEE and is a licensed Professional Engineer (Electrical) in Washington (2005) and Louisiana (1997).  Previously, Thomas worked for over a decade as a researcher in the College of Engineering at Louisiana State University, working on engineering research in the fields of electrical and transportation engineering as well as GIS and early WWW applications; He established one of the first WWW servers at LSU in 1994 Thomas’ background is in Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science, graduating with a BS. in Computer Engineering in 1986, an MS in Electrical Engineering in 1992 on an Engineering Fellowship, and finally completing his PhD in Computer Science in 2001, all from Louisiana State University. His research work has included hypercube architectures and processor allocation (master’s thesis), cooperative mobile robotic mapping in unknown terrain (doctoral dissertation), digital/analog design and interfacing, computer graphic software development, and web enabled applications development. Outside of work, Thomas likes to play World of Warcraft , a Professor Layton puzzle game and other computer games; fight the good fight in his yard in the battle against the elements, mother nature, and his brown thumb in keeping things looking like they are there by intention; work on that never-ending list of household projects; and make very obnoxious noises with his guitar.