Mr Thomas Szekely, PE, LEED AP

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For ofver fifty years Tom Székely has been involved as a designer, project engineer, and consulting engineer for jobs ranging from commercial tenant spaces to industrial process and power plants, to large custom homes and apartments, and is a licensed professional engineer in the states of New York and Connecticut.

His commercial experience has been with premier Consulting Engineering firms including Lehr Associates, Cosentini Associates, Jansen & Rogan, Geiger Berger, and Goldman,Sokolow, Copeland. During this time he was the electrical project manager for a Cabot, Cabot, and Forbes office tower in Boston and chilled water plants for Cornell University in Ithaca, as well as all trades project manager for Equitable Life office buildings in Milford Connecticut.

He has also had extensive industrial experience while with design-build heavy industrial firms such as Bechtel, and process engineering firms including Lummus, Crawford & Russell, Treadwell, Carlson & Sweatt, and Heyward-Robinson. For these firms, Mr. Székely was the electrical designer in charge of the chlorine compression section of an Olin chlor-caustic plant in McIntosh, Alabama; responsible for electronic instrumentation interfaces and noise grounding for the #3 turbine at Con Edison's Ravenswood plant ("Big Allis"); designed a saturation alarm system for PASNY's Indian Point #3 nuclear power plant, and designed the entire electrical distribution system for various textile fiber and mylar film plants in the US and Europe.

His clients have included Architects doing work for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, where Mr. Székely was responsible for complete electrical and electronic design of Communications Radio and Closed Circuit Television systems to modernize the communications control centers for the Holland and Lincoln tunnels.

He has also been a consultant to educational institutions such as the New Rochelle Board of Education, for whom he researched underground distribution system high-ampacity cable failures to prevent further such occurrences in the future, and to religious institutions such as Our Lady of Pompeii R.C. church in Greenwich Village for which he investigated providing new central air conditioning, and the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine for which he engineered new site lighting, and provided electrical engineering for the original stoneyard building which is being utilized in the completion of the towers of St. Peter and St. Paul.

Lastly, he has provided forensic engineering reports and expert testimony in court cases, among which were an electrical fire in the cellar electric service room of the St. Moritz Hotel in August of 1988 which went to trial in November of 1991, and a forensic engineering report in 2001 on the Central Synagogue Roof/Attic fire of 1998, with litigation thereupon apparently settled sometime after issuance said report.