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Learn How To Groom Your Cat Perfectly

Cats are known to be meticulous about their grooming. You will find your feline companions smoothening their fur and their paws. If you live with a cat as your pet companion then you should also complement your cat’s cleaning impulses with scheduled grooming. If you have other creatures such as dogs, you should have an emotional support dog letter.

Grooming your cat will allow your cat to live a healthy life. This is important for its mental state and well being. Especially, if your cat helps you cope with emotional difficulties. 

Moreover, you should make sure you get the appropriate ESA letter for housing. Getting the emotional support animal letter will help you stay in the company of your lovely pet companion and protect you from unlawful overpricing and pet restrictions from homeowners. 

Every cat is different, some like the grooming process, some bare it, while others become aggressive and anxious. If your cat becomes aggressive and testy during the grooming process it is best if you let a professional groomer take care of it. Though, you should probably watch and learn how the professional pacifies your cat’s aggression.

Giving a Bath

Make sure you tire your cat before you give him/her a bath. Most cats hate water and a cat that has a lot of energy to expend will probably give you trouble during the bath. Therefore, it is best to tire your cat before physical exercise and activity. Use various games and activities to tire your cat, so going into the bath s/he won’t have much energy to resist you. 

Always trim your cat’s nails before taking a bath, there are paw pads available in the market, but trimming the cat’s nails will just do fine. It also helps if you have a mat or an old towel on the base of the bathtub or the sink so that the cat can have sure footing.

Use a spray hose close to the cat’s body to wet your cat. You can hold your cat with one hand and the hose with another. Water your cat from the head down. You can instead use a wet cloth to wipe the face. Talking to your cat in a soothing voice or having smooth music in the background helps calm the cat down. If you have a pet you should know about the ESA letter

Cat’s have specialized shampoos, don’t use a shampoo that makes you as the cat's skin is sensitive and it can damage it.

After the bath make sure to towel dry your cat properly and provide him/her with some treats as a reward.

Dental care

It is best to acquaint your cat with dental care from as early on as possible. Start with just the brush and as your cat feels comfortable with the brush, start adding the toothpaste to your routine to slowly train your cat to be okay with brushing. If you have a pet you should have an emotional support animal letter.

Make sure to check your cat’s gums and teeth for the build-up of plaque and any abnormal signs such as inflammation. Consult a vet if the problems persist. 

Nail care

The nails of your cat should be trimmed roughly once every one to two weeks. Cats usually don’t like the nail cutting process and you might end up getting a free scratching if you don’t acquaint your cat with the process first. 

First of all, you should wrap your cat firmly in a towel and make him/her feel comfortable by providing treats and petting the cat. Take out a paw and message one toe after another. If s/he pulls away from the paw, you shouldn’t resist but repeat the process, while giving her a treat every time you message the paw. 

The process is slow but it will help your cat get comfortable with the idea of someone holding the paw. Eventually, the cat will allow you to trip or nip the nail once it feels comfortable with the process. If you do not have an ESA letter you can apply for ESA letter online.

Make sure not to cut the pink part as the part has nerves and will cause your cat much pain.

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