Mr Gary Hoe, PE

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Military Experience: Retired USAF LtCol.  Parachutist, Flight Test experience, Viet Nam theater tour with AC-130A/E Gunship program, Reconnaissance and flight simulator experience, USAF Recruiting Service tour, Technical Director, several nuclear test events at the Nevada Test Site, USAF Nuclear Weapon System Safety Group voting member, Commander, Missile Nuclear Safety group.
Civilian Experience:  Electrical Department Head and senior engineer, two A&E firms.  Leader/Chair of Nuclear reactor site and test ranges facility management teams, Condition Assessment Program director, Lighting Team lead and SME, Sandia National Laboratories.
Certifications:  PE in CO, AZ, and NM.  Project Management Professional.  Certified Maintenance Reliability Professional. Lean/6 Sigma and Root Cause Analysis practitioner.  Some of these are now in retired status.
Non-Employment:  Commercial pilot certificate with instrument endorsement.  Docent, National Museum of Nuclear Science and History.  Volunteer in a number of civic and educational societies and groups.  Charter member and past president, New Mexico Engineering Foundation.  Treasurer and director of NMSPE's Albuquerque chapter over several terms.