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Things To Keep In Mind When Hiking With Dogs 

Many people find catharsis in hiking and other outdoor activities from everyday life and from past troubles. Getting out into the wilderness revitalizes one’s mind and energy. Many people are avid hikers and trekkers, who love and appreciate good company and a common love for the outdoors. 

A dog breed made for hiking and outdoor activities can serve as an ESA dog with a legit ESA letter for those in need of emotional support. Especially for the people who find the outdoors as an escape, where they let their minds free of any anxieties that might be troubling them.

However, with a dog as your companion, you should ensure that your dog is in good condition and healthy at all times. You have to be prepared for any situation that might undermine your dog’s health or well being. Just as you make sure that you have all the supplies needed for ensuring a good time outdoors, you need to make sure that you carry everything that your dog needs. 

Here are some of the tips that will help you and your dog get ready for the outdoors.

Do your homework

Make sure you get the information for the hiking track and the regulations that apply to it. The trail might not be a dog-friendly one which can ruin your plans and can get you fined. You should also make sure that you have researched the duration of the hike, the length of the track, and the terrain. Going through videos of the trail and looking at the maps will help you get an idea about the trail. If you have a dog and you want to keep your dog inside your house you should know about the ESA letter for housing.

Put your dog on a harness

Using a collar leash during the hike can be dangerous for your dog and won’t be of much help. Pulling at the collar while your dog is in action can cause it to tumble and get injured— the last thing that you want during a hike. 

A body harness will let you have more control over your dog, especially in an unknown area where you don’t want the dog to roam around on its own. You should let it off the leash once you are sure of the area and have gotten accustomed to it. If you have a pet you should know about an ESA registration.

Dogs such as Labrador Retrievers are great at being off-leash if they are trained to listen to your commands. If there are people around you then seeing a Labrador on a mission will put a smile on their face rather than them getting anxious.

Pack sufficient water and food 

Even if you know that you have a water body near the trail, you should pack enough water for you and your companion dog. Avoid your dog having a drink at a stagnant source as it will cause the dog to become sick. Running water in the wilderness that is free from contamination or spring water is idle for the dog to replenish itself. If you have animals you should know about emotional support animal certification.

Make sure that you pack enough food for your pet dog. Make sure to feed your pet before heading for the hike, and have enough (including the dog’s favorite snacks and treats) on you to make for all the energy that will be used up during the hike.

Carry a first aid kit

To save space you should combine the first aid kit for you and your dog into one case. The first aid kit should have bandages, disinfectants, iodine, dog boots, and emergency supplies. Keep an eye on your dog to catch any trouble before it gets worse. And try to have your dog wear boots for longer hikes, and check your dog’s pads for any bruises from time to time. If you have a dog you should know how to legally register emotional support dog.  

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